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Canadian Business Opportunity

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 - Canadian Music Business Opportunity!

Are you an organ builder, technician, retailer, musician or organ enthusiast interested in developing an exciting musical business opportunity?

The Classic Organ Works Marketing System will help you identify and capitalize on specific trends within our industry; in churches, performing arts centers, music schools and home studios. Classic provides unparalleled products, support and expertise (on site if required) to help you handle virtually any situation involving pipe and digital organ technologies: new instrument installations, rebuilds, repairs, digital enhancements and more:

* Rebuilding an historic pipe organ console with Classic Control Systems

* Creating a Pipe/Digital Hybrid by adding a digital console

* Adding digital sound modules and audio to an existing pipe or digital organ

* Creating a custom virtual~pipe organ

* Installing a multi-channel digital organ

* Setting up a PC/Mac compatible modular practice/ performance system

* Using the Classic Wireless MIDIjet for remote applications

Over 30 years Classic has partnered with entrepreneurial-minded organ technology pioneers around the globe. We are looking to create synergistic relationships with those who would move the organ art forward here in Canada. In addition to manufacturing
Classic Organ Works technologies we are extremely proud to represent a handful of the world’s most progressive Organ technology companies.

Please contact me in confidence to discuss this opportunity.

Musically Yours,

Bernard O’Grady

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