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NEW - Tracker Touch Keyboards available in our Products section

Friday, September 01, 2006 - Now available! 1, 2, 3 and even 4-manual, MIDI-keyboard stacks, with tracker-touch, and 20 programmable pistons per keyboard. Use them for practice or performance in your house, studio, music hall, or church! Absolutely ideal for anyone planning to run Hauptwerk or an organ module.

The CMK is ideal for organ hobbyists and organists alike. It is perfect for home practice use because the feel of the keyboard(s) closely resembles those found in churches. By adding a sound module and the Classic ĎAGOí MIDI pedalboard, a low-cost, two-manual or three-manual home or studio organ can be constructed.

The CMK-2 also comes with a 20 piston rail. This rail is fully customizable to meet every organistís requirements. It is completely customizable! An on-board memory chip stores up to 128 user configurations. These can be re-programmed using the included Windows software. It also has MIDI-input merge function so that multiple CMK-2 keyboards and MIDI devices can be daisy-chained together. All the keyboards can be linked and powered by one 12v power adapter.

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