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New Installation St. Paul's United in Tillsonburg

Wednesday, November 01, 2006 - Classic Organ Works has brought new life into the otherwise lackluster 3-manual Walker pipe-organ in St. Paul's United Church, Tillsonburg, Ontario. With the original 26 pipe stops spread over the three manuals and pedals, it was a small, plain instrument, especially in the choir division. The wiring and electrical contacts in the organ were old and had become very unreliable. The console was not only unreliable but also was ugly and did not suit the decor of the sanctuary. Very spongy key-action and almost no combination action made the organ difficult to play.

The issues were all resolved by replacing the old relay-switching in the chamber with a new microprocessor-based system by Classic and by attaching it to a new Ahlborn-Galanti AG3200 with a 24-channel audio system. The organ, now a hybrid, was upgraded to 62 stops. Most of the original pipe stops were retained but the small specification was filled in with 36 digital stops, making a good-sized, exciting instrument that can now handle the entire repertoire for the organ.

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