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Arthur W. Critchley Theatre Organ < Go Back
Job #: C600
Location: Canada - Central
Organ Type: Digital
Building Type: Theater

3-manual 29-rank virtual theatre organ. Includes all traps & effects. Uses Hauptwerk 2 as the sound engine and the Masterworks 3-31 Wurlitzer sample set from Milan Digital Audio.


- 3 manuals (2 with second-touch)
- 32-note pedalboard
- 164 Syndyne tongue tabs active (wired for 192)
- 29 console ranks + Glockenspiel
- 16 MIDI effects
- 12 effect pistons on the key cheeks
- Built-in MIDI sequencer
- 99 combination-action memories
- 70 lighting pistons 112 total
- 14 lighting divisional pistons per manual
- 15 lighting general pistons
- Each general & divisional piston can access any tabs


Arthur W. Critchley

Markham, Ontario

Installed at: Classic Organ Works

Read the story of how Arthur did it in 5 parts (in PDF format):

Building the Console.
Testing the Console.
Configuring the Audio System.
Configuring Hauptwerk.


Arthur Critchley
c/o Classic Organbuilders
2800 John Street, Unit 4
Markham, ON
Canada, L3R 0E2

Tel: 905-475-1263
Toll free: 1-800-465-5193

Download OrganWorks File

The OrganWorks file for this job is currently not available.

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