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Job #: C700
Location: Canada - Central
Organ Type: Pipe
Building Type: Church

This 5 manual rebuild of Casavant Opus 200, completed in the summer of 2004 is one of the largest organs in Canada. While doing this rebuild care was given to provide the flexibility to expand this organ even more in the future.


- 5 manuals + pedal
- 135 drawknobs, 56 rocker tabs, 99 pistons, 37 toe studs
- Control panel with numeric display and 10 pistons
- Over 70 ranks between the Main chamber, Antiphonal and a remote Trompette en Chamade
- Optical switching on manuals
- 50 stage Crescendo with bargraph indicator and alternate configuration
- MIDI stops on every manual fully integrated into combination action and fully configurable, may be coupling or non-coupling at discretion or organist
- 99 independent combination memory levels with SFZ configurable on each level
- 99 step Registration Sequencer independent of memory levels with dedicated Next & Last pistons
- Manual Transfer, All Swells to Swell, Pedal divisional toe studs may be independent from manual divisional pistons, Great on Pedal Combinations
- 12-step Transposer via UP/DOWN pistons
- Expression for Solo, Swell, Choir and Antiphonal, 16 stages each


Centenary United Church
Hamilton, ON


Henk Berentschot
Durham Manufacturing
146 Hazelwood Dr
Whitby, ON
L1N 3L8

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