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Job #: C417
Location: United States - Central
Organ Type: Digital
Building Type: Church

2-manual digital organ


- 2 manual electronic organ
- 52 drawknobs
- 13 MIDI stops on rocker tabs, fully integrated into combination action and fully configurable
- 6 pistons for quick change of MIDI configuration
- MIDI Sustain toe stud
- 16 stage Great and Swell engines, 20 stage Crescendo
- 99 independent combination memory levels SFZ configurable on each level
- 99 step Registration Sequencer independent of memory levels
- 12-step Transposer via UP/DOWN pistons
- alternate tremulants and tuning


Delmar Baptist Church
St. Louis, MO


Frederick Cool & Associates
1717 Belle Street
St. Joseph, MO
USA 64503

Tel: 816-232-2008
Fax: 816-279-4700

Download OrganWorks File

Download the OrganWorks file for this job:

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