Timothy Eaton Memorial Church


Job #:  L010

Location:  Toronto - Ontario - Canada

Organ TypePipe

Building TypeChurch



Classic Organ has provided the control systems for the 3 largest pipe organs in Toronto, at Metropolitan United, St Paul's Bloor Street, and Timothy Eaton Memorial. Timothy Eaton Memorial opened in 1914 and featured a Casavant Freres organ. Today the music program at Timothy Eaton is one of the most expansive and well-regarded in the city of Toronto, focusing on education and a wide variety of performances.



·         "Maestro" system running Linux

·         Remote access available via a browser based control panel

·         Wireless connections to all chambers using 5GHz WiFi

·         Remote access available via a browser based control panel for software updates and configuration changes

·         95 stops playing 101 ranks and over 6000 pipes

·         5 manuals, 8 divisions 

·         8 stage expression engines for Swell, Choir, Solo/Bombard, & Echo

·         OLED Graphic Display Modules, the first for Memory, Registration Sequencer, Transposer, and Crescendo, second for expression shoe bargraphs

·         Built in MIDI Sequencer

·         100 independent combination memory levels with SFZ configurable on each level available for user 1, additional users may be defined as needed

·         unlimited Registration Sequencer independent of memory levels with dedicated Next & Last pistons

·         Any Piston List, a piston sequencer which may include almost all pistons on the console, not just Generals

·         Divisional step Up and Down for Echo/Antiphonal, Swell, & Great

·         Manual Transfer, Programmable Pedal Divide

·         All Swells to Swell, multiple SFZs and Ventils


·         Console:  LCCU w/Intel-SBC & UIB-5C, Nexus Tablet, OLED displays

·         Chambers (3): LPCU w/UIB-5P & PCIO-1or PCIO-2


Timothy Eaton Memorial Church

Toronto ON




VanderZee Organs

891 Guelph St Unit S10

Kitchener ON







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