St Malachy R.C., New York City


Job #: C960 C961

Location: New York City, NY  (Times Square)

Organ Type: Dual Console Pipe

Building Type: Church

Date: 2012

This is an organ restoration of an Aeolian Skinner pipe organ at St Malachy's - The Actor's Chapel in Times Square, New York City, NY.

It is a dual-console, dual-organ installation, each console of this system C960 (Sanctuary / drawknob) and C961 (Gallery / rocker tab) is able to control the full resources of the entire system (over 40 pipe ranks plus Walker digital ranks).

Each console has been provided with a piston which functions as a General Cancel for the other console; this is so the organist can make sure nothing has been accidentally left active on the other console when (s)he sits down to play.

There is also an “Organ Ventil” piston on each console; this is so the organist may disallow specific stops/divisions on their own console. This feature will primarily be used during organ duets, when one organist may for example, control the Great and Swell and the other organist may control the Choir and Chancel. The Ventils may be re-programmed at any time.

The Sanctuary console has 73 drawknobs, 35 rocker tabs, and almost 100 pistons, toe studs, and push buttons. There is a Crescendo plus 2 expression shoes (Swell and Choir), with corresponding bargraphs. The top 3 segments of the Crescendo bargraph is use to indicate when the Sforzando is active. There is also an expression engine for the Chancel, which may be assigned to any of the 3 shoes.

The Gallery console has over 100 rocker tabs controlling Pedal, Great, Swell, Choir, and Chancel. Expressions function the same way as for the Sanctuary, however there is only one bargraph. 



  • Discrete circuit boards console and chamber
  • Parallel wired stops (+12V common), matrix wired pistons and keyboard
  • 2 programmable MIDI stops per manual / pedalboard
  • Built-in MIDI Sequencer for record & playback
  • Alphanumeric display
  • Auto Pedal
  • MIDI Registration off
  • Multi-level MIDI memory
  • 250 Independent Memory Levels
  • 250 Independent Registration Sequencer stages
  • Transposer



St Malachy's - Actor's Chapel

239 West 49th Street

New York City, NY

USA   10036




Peragallo Organ Co

306 Buffalo Avenue

Paterson, NJ

USA 07503

973-684-3414 (phone)

973-684-2237 (fax)





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