Orgue Ruche de la Basilique, St Joseph de Grenoble


Job #: C722

Location: Grenoble, France

Organ Type: Pipe

Building Type: Church

Date: 2003

This organ has was built in 1943 by the Ruche builder in the typical French symphonic style. Built around 23 actual stops, it ofers 37 stops on 3 keyboards and pedalboard. More details are available at http://orgues.free.fr/stjoseph/. It was re-built by Manufacture d'Orgues Promonet in Rives sur Fure, France in the summer of 2003. 


3 manual French Terrace console with 4 divisions, Pedal, Grand Orgue, Récit, and Positif. The Arches Pédale has been treated as part of the Pedal division as it does not couple separately

- 45 rocker tab stops (including MIDI) on 26 ranks of pipes, 18 couplers, 34 pistons, 19 toe studs and 2 expression shoes (8 stages each).
- 12-step Transposer via Up/Down pistons
- Recall 
- Ventils
- 99 Independent Memory Levels
- 99 Registration Sequencer stages
- 20 Stage Crescendo (full programmable)
- Lighted General pistons
- Tutti independently programmable on every memory level
- Programmable MIDI which may be coupling or non-coupling at organist's discretion. 


Orgue Ruch de la Basilique St Joseph
Place de Metz
Grenoble, France



Manufacture d'Orgues Promonet
8, rue du 14 juillet
F38140 Rives sur Fure

33 4 76 91 00 83


Very effective specification tool, delivery on time, accurate documentation, simple wiring, very efficient diagnostic tools and utilities, very responsive support and swift response time on change requests. The resulting organ is reliable, easy to use, the MIDI interface is useful to play remotely. 

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