Boston Symphony Hall


Job #: C720 / C721

Location: Boston, MA

Organ Type: Pipe

Building Type: Theater

Date: 2003

The first organ at Boston Symphony Hall was build by G.S. Hutchings in 1900 and later rebuilt by Aeolian-Skinner in 1949. In the summer of 2004 it was rebuilt by Foley-Baker including a new large 3 manual main console plus a small 2 manual portable console which can access every stop on the organ. At present there are over 10,000 parts and pieces. 



  • 75 ranks with 4,314 pipes
  • 3 manuals, 5 divisions
  • 16 stage expression engines for Solo, Swell & Bombard
  • 30 stage Crescendo
  • Bargraph indicators for each expression and Crescendo
  • Primary control panel mounted in drawer under right jamb with additional small numeric displays for Memory and Registration Sequencer levels for quick reference by organist
  • 5 MIDI stops, fully integrated into combination action and fully configurable, settable to be coupling or non-coupling at discretion of organist.
  • 254 independent combination memory levels with SFZ configurable on each level
  • 254 step Registration Sequencer independent of memory levels with dedicated Next & Last pistons
  • Pedal Couplers on Pedal Divisionals piston
  • Tuba non coupling
  • Manual Transfer, All Swells to Swell, Adjustable Tab Reversibles
  • 12-step Transposer via UP/DOWN pistons
  • 2 new 32' pedal stops
  • 2 new blowers

Portable Console

  • Duplicates all stops on main console
  • 20 Generals 
  • 99 independent combination memory levels
  • All Swells to Swell
  • 16 stage expression engines for Solo, Swell & Bombard
  • 30 stage Crescendo
  • Couplers so any division may play on any manual



Boston Symphony Hall
301 Massachusetts Ave.
Boston, MA
USA  02115



Foley-Baker Inc
42 North River Rd
Tolland, CT
USA 06084



Download OrganWorks File

Download the OrganWorks file for this job (C720).

Download the OrganWorks file for the portable console (C721).

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