Merrill Auditorium, Kotzschmar Memorial Organ

Job #:  C500

Location:  Portland ME

Organ Type: Pipe

Building Type: Theatre

Date: 2014 

Merrill Auditorium is home to one of America's premier concert organs. Originally built in 1912 and named after Hermann Kotzschmar, a 19th century Portland organist, it has grown in that past 100 years from 69 ranks  to 102. It has also had 4 different consoles.  

The instrument is supported by the group FOKO: Friends of the Kotzschmar Organ, a group who promote the instrument through concerts and fundraising. They selected Foley-Baker to restore this grand instrument in 2012. Besides the usual cleaning and re-leathering, the two-year project included repairing the damage from previous moves and quick fixes that had happened. A whole new control system was provided by Classic Organ Builders.        

Vassar College

Job #:  C751

Location:  Poughkeepsie NY

Organ Type: Pipe

Building Type: School 

Date: 2003 

Vassar College owns 7 pipe organs, the largest of which is a Gress Miles' magnum opus, which resides in the chapel. The original hand crafted casework from the 1901 Hutchings organ is still in use. In 2004 Foley-Baker was commissioned to upgrade the instrument, the mechanical switching which had been installed 34 years earlier was failing; being intermittent at best, and contacts were pitted to the point that they were breaking off.

Harris UMC

Job #:  C820

Location: Honolulu HI

Organ Type: pipe

Building Type: church

Date: 2006

Music at Harris UMC takes a variety of forms, including a Chancel Choir, Children's Choir, Praise Team, and Ukulele Fellowship. As such, the organ was designed to be an all round functional instrument, to support whatever what is happening at the church.  

First Congregational Church

Job #:  C906

Location:  Chatham MA

Organ Type: Pipe

Building Type: Church

Date: 2009

This 1973, 24 rank Casavant organ was musically functional, however due to the increasing demands of the active music program at First Congregational, the console needed to be either electronically updated, or completely replaced. Foley-Baker was contracted to provide a custom designed new console and switching system.

Christ Church Anglican

Job #:  C911

Location: Brampton ON

Organ Type: pipe

Building Type: church

Date: 2009

Originally a tonally limited 2 manual instrument, this instrument was expanded to a three manual hybrid organ with both pipes and Walker Digital. Classic Organ functioned as the builder for this system, doing the rewiring and installation ourselves, the case work was done by Henk Berentschot. 

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