Being able to control the MIDI Sequence from anywhere in the church can be quite useful if the organist is going to be away. He or she can record a bunch of songs, then the priest or somebody in the choir, can just press play when it needed. This is an easy thing to do in the Maestro system. In fact, if the organist really wanted to, we could set it up so they press play themselves while sipping a piña colada pool side.

The Legacy system is not designed to be able to do this. The problem is, Legacy was designed and build prior to things like WiFi becoming common, the computer simply does not have the capacity. Recently however, Henry found a third party product that builders might be able to add to the system in order to have remote control of Play, Pause, Up, and Down.

12V 4CH Channel 433Mhz Wireless Remote Control Switch With 2 Transmitter


The hand held clicker connects to the circuit board. The output of the circuit board is then wired into whatever it is you want to control.

The 4 pistons need to have the same common, with matrix wiring that would mean the same pin on C or D, and with parallel wiring +12V. If the 4 pistons do not currently have a common wire, we can do a small software change to do this. The console also already has these pistons on the control panel, so we can also add extra pistons, if you don't want to share wiring.

There is no feedback. The person with the clicker can not see that the next song on the list is the Doxology. This can cause a problem if the priest changes the order of service, after the organist recorded the various songs, but for now, this is our best solution with Legacy. 

As will all third party products, we do not guarantee this product. We simply say it might work in your organ.




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