I was getting ready to post the first article in a series about "Asking the Right Questions" when I thought, this blog must be getting around the 1 year mark. So, I looked back over the articles I've done and realized that Classic Vox turned 1 year old, last month. I haven't been as consistent with it as I wanted, but I know there are lots of you out there reading it, thank you! :)

Rather than starting the article series, I decided to take a look at this blog itself.

Total Number of Articles: 23

First Article: Welcome to The Classic Vox! 2015-06-05, number of reads 960

5 Articles with the most reads (not including the welcome):  

When it rains..., 20215-0817, 923

Technical Terms Every Builder Needs to Know: 2015-06-09, 922

Legacy Systems: Grey Box vs Discrete, 2015-06-09, 853

Lesser Know Features of a Classic System Part 1, 2015-06-24, 823

When is it free?, 2015-06-09,817


When you look at this list of articles you see that they are older, makes sense, people have had more time to read them. So, to try to find the more popular articles, I took the total number of reads and divided it by the approximate number of months its been posted. I only looked at the month for this, if an article was posted at the beginning of February and another at the end of February, they both got divided by 5 (Feb to July = 5 months).

5 Most Popular Articles:

These are all more recent articles, I guess I'm getting more readers :)

Common Bugs When Installing a Legacy System, 2016-06-03, 267 (in a month and a half)

Adding Remote Control to a Legacy System, 2016-05-06, 140/month

How Does MIDI Memory Work?, 2016-01-11, 116/month

Classic Turns 40!, 2016-02-18, 105/month

Laugh or Cry?, 2016-04-20, 101/month


5 Least Popular Articles:

It's a Boy!, 2015-06-16, 59/month

Lesser Know Features of a Classic System Part 2, 2015-08-17, 57/month

Hear Comes AIO!, 2015-09-26, 56/month

When is it free?, 2015-06-09, 63/month

Legacy Systems: Grey Box vs Discrete, 2015-06-09, 65/month


Raymond said he would post something about the American Guild of Organsits meeting Texas a few weeks ago, and I am working on a multi-part series about how I approach tech support. 

A couple people have told me that they don't check our website regularly, so they don't know when I have posted a new article. So, if you would like me to send you an e-mail when there is a new posting, send me an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Raymond also said that he is going to look into adding a button you can click on to request notification when there is a new posting. So, depending on when you actually read this article, that button may already be present. 

If any builders I've done systems for would like me to feature their system in one of my postings, let me know, and include pictures. Pictures are nice, makes things more interesting. 



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