MIDIWorks (the Hauptwerk MIDI branch of Classic) showcased our products in this year's AGO Convention in Houston, Texas. For those that don't know, AGO (American Guild of Organist) hosts a convention every 2 years where organists can go to meet, connect, and explore the most up-to-date organs and organ based products/systems. Attila and I (Raymond) brought along one of our 3 manual consoles, complete with computer and audio system. We ended up talking to quite a few organists and enthusiasts who owned or played our consoles as well as people who never heard of a virtual pipe organ. In the beginning they were skeptical, but after sitting down and pressing a few notes, their skepticism turned into surprise! Mostly they were astonished that the samples they heard were as close to if not exactly the same as the real organ. All in all it was a great turn out with a lot of things to see and do. It is always great to be in a convention with people who share the same interests and passion - truly inspiring!


If you'd like to know more about MIDI Pipe Organs, please visit www.midiworks.ca for more information.


See you all at the next convention!





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