Several years ago Classic Organ Works developed a MIDI keyboard for people building Hauptwerk instruments for their homes. Some of our builders have started using them as well, so I figured it would make sense to talk about it.




These keyboards come in 3 colours, the standard black and white, plus two wood core keyboards, a cherry wood and an ebony. They have been described as having a light tracker touch, but the part inside the keyboard that gives it this feel can be removed.




Each keyboard comes with a pistons rail which may have up to 24 Klann pistons, lit or non-lit, you do not have to use all the spaces available for pistons. The layout of the pistons are a follows (with examples) left to right:

1 (Set, Alt, Zimbelstern, or other individual pistons)

7 (Generals, Pedal Divisionals)

1 (Divisional to Pedal)

6 (Divisional pistons)

2 (Miscellaneous ie Coupler reversibles, Auto Pedal/Solo, Up/Down)

6 (Miscellaneous, Control functions, additional couplers etc)

1 (General Cancel, SFZ)


The functions of the pistons I have listed here are just examples of what it common, any piston may be assigned to do anything you want. The keyslip is made of a black metal, any piston location that is not used is covered by a matching black plug. The pistons 'stick out' enough that you can apply a veneer (up to 1/8th inch) which matches the finish of the rest of the console.

The connection between the CMK and the Console Control Computer is via a MIDI cable. No additional wiring for keys, pistons, or lights are required, which saves time.

Red walnut keycheeks are available if you don't plan on building your own.


We also have a MIDI AGO Pedalboard available


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