MIDIWorks (the Virtual Pipe Organ branch of Organworks) attended the RCCO in Montreal last week. We were able to get our own room to ourselves, so we put up an 8:1 speaker system and allowed organists to try out our VPO powered by Hauptwerk.

Unfortunately, the Pipe Driver Board (PDB-5A) which we have used successfully for over 20 years has become obsolete. Or rather, the driver chips on the board are obsolete; expensive and very difficult to obtain. Each chip is now $20, this will make service and repair of these older boards more difficult and expensive, you may find under certain conditions, it will make more sense to replace the PDB-5A with the new PDB-7.


Imagine an average day, you head out to pick up a few groceries, walking because you are trying to increase your physical activity. Your AppleWatch (or other device) counts your steps, uploads the information to your health tracker app, and it allots you extra calories for the day. To pay for the milk and bread you tap on a few icons on your mobile device and the money gets transferred to the store, 



A few weeks ago one our builders commented to us that the Temperature Sensor Board (TSB) installed in a recently built organ, was not stable in the first 10 minutes of power turn on. Apparently, in the first 10 minutes if use, the data value the TSB was outputting was rising about 10 points. This meant that it took 10 minutes before the electronic voices would be in tune with the pipes.

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As hopefully all of you know, we have been doing some market research, trying to find out what we do well, what we could improve on, why people do or do not use our products, and stuff like that. 

The Royal Canadian College of Organists and the American Guild of Organists (Northeast Region) will be holding a joint festival this summer in Montreal, Canada, from July 2-6, 2017. 

One of the things that builders need to contend with is the potential mangling of data when it has to travel long distances; the console to chamber data cable itself can be a couple hundred feet. Anything under 6 feet we generally don't have to worry about, over 6 feet in the Legacy System, we use an RS-422 protocol. Maestro uses Ethernet.

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I thought you might be interested in some real life examples of some of the organs which use our control systems, or as close to real life as you can get when you're sitting at home in front of your computer. Below you will find a list of organs for which I found YouTube videos. 


At one point, during our 10+ hour drive to Boston for AIO, my 10 year old daughter plugged her tablet into the car's sound system and we happily listened (she watched) to an orchestra. How did I get a pre-teen to watch a video of an orchestra, and even replay some of these selections? I'm not some supper mom who has been playing Mozart since birth, and if I had asked her if she wanted to listen to an orchestra, she would have given me a disgusted look and gone back to Meghan Trainor.  

I remember watching a movie many years ago called "Other People's Money" starring Danny DiVito. In this movie he played a business man who was looking to buy out a small New England company, shut it down, and sell off the pieces. The company was New England Wire and Cable, they were still making a small profit, but had been experiencing a slow down for the previous few years, and things were tight.




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