At one point, during our 10+ hour drive to Boston for AIO, my 10 year old daughter plugged her tablet into the car's sound system and we happily listened (she watched) to an orchestra. How did I get a pre-teen to watch a video of an orchestra, and even replay some of these selections? I'm not some supper mom who has been playing Mozart since birth, and if I had asked her if she wanted to listen to an orchestra, she would have given me a disgusted look and gone back to Meghan Trainor.  

I remember watching a movie many years ago called "Other People's Money" starring Danny DiVito. In this movie he played a business man who was looking to buy out a small New England company, shut it down, and sell off the pieces. The company was New England Wire and Cable, they were still making a small profit, but had been experiencing a slow down for the previous few years, and things were tight.



Hi Everybody

We are currently doing some market research, trying to find out what we do well, what we could improve on, why people do or do not use our products, and stuff like that. To do this I've put together a survey using Survey Monkey.

Everybody who completes the survey has the option to enter their name in a draw for a $350 USD credit at, to be applied to any order after the winner has been notified. This doesn't cover shipping.


From 2012 - 2014 Foley-Baker Inc in Tolland CT undertook the renovation of the Kotzschmar Organ in Merrill Auditorium, Portland Maine.

The First Sunday in Advent was a couple days ago, various communities have started having their Santa Clause Parades, and we are all starting to think forward to Christmas, it has got me thinking about what is really important. 

You are working on an organ and a bunch of stops and couplers scattered throughout the console aren't working. The 4th DK in the first column, the 1st DK in the 3rd column, the 3rd DK in the 4th column and so on. It seems random. Pull out your Technical Manual and compare the stops and couplers that aren't working to the Stop Rail Wiring Table. You may discover that it isn't random after all, there is a pattern. In this case the 4th tab in every byte (8 tabs) wasn't working. 

Organist calls, tells you that when they turn on the Swell Diapason and press a key, nothing happens. The organist is able to tell you that the display for the Crescendo shoe is working, and Pedal stops play, therefore, you know that at least you have a 'Yes' to both 'Is it plugged in ?" and 'Is it turned on?'. You also have at least some of the answers to 'What exactly happen?'.  What you don't yet know however is; where exactly is the problem. 

3) What exactly happened?

Several years ago we had a system in a church and every so often there would be a cipher. Nobody could figure out what was going on. The builder was in there repeatedly, we even stopped in at the church on our way to the Boston AIO in 2001, all to no avail. It wasn't until we got a 'Yes' to a couple of the questions below that we figured out what was happening.

Welcome to Part 2 of my series on questions to ask when trouble shooting. In the first part you asked the question "Is it plugged in?", and you know your power supply is good, you haven't lost ground, and everything is connected, what is next?

2) Is it turned on?

Under this question I would include not just, "Did you turn they key?" (don't laugh, it has happened), and "Did you physically turn on the drawknob?", but also "Does the computer know the organist did something?" and, "Is the circuit board receiving/processing data?".   

Back when I was in college studying electronics, the school I was attending had a talent competition one day. I brought my keyboard in to play, cheap thing only 61 keys, not even touch sensitive, but I was a poor student and it was free. I got myself set up on the stage, went to play, and got nothing. I glanced at the On/Off button, it was on, I glanced at the power cord, I had forgotten to plug it in. This demonstrates the first two questions every service person needs to ask when trying to solve a problem. 


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