On February 24, 1976 a young Henry Wemekamp took what had been a couple miscellaneous projects for a friend and established The Classic Organ Company Ltd, a new company building control systems for pipe organs.

Classic Organ Works has recently finished working with Bon Smith of Austin Organ Service on the installation of a new instrument at Emanuel Lutheran Church in Hartford CT. I was the lead applications engineer for this job. 

by John Coenraads

Henry grew up a farm boy, getting up early each morning to help milk the cows, before catching the bus for school. He wasn't much enamored with either end of a cow however, so his heart wasn't in it, but he was already demonstrating technical creativity. I remember Henry finding a gear box once, which he than used as the basis for building a self-unloading feed wagon. 

There are a couple controls that get put on a console that sometimes create confusion, as people don't fully understand how MIDI works on a Classic system. These are Multi MIDI and MIDI Registration Off.

It's been several years, with a few false starts, but our new Linux-based computer system is now being installed into churches. We call this new system Maestro, and are referring to the old CCC/PCC based system, which is still available, as Legacy. 

I came across this interesting article about a pipe organ Croatia which is played by the waves in the Adriatic Sea pushing air through the pipes. 

Been back for a week actually. The American Institute of Organbuilders (AIO) convention was October 3-7, officially in San Francisco, although actually in Concord CA. We got to see several customers we talk to on the phone regularly, it's great putting a face to a voice. It's kind of funny when you go out to dinner with a customer and you offer to pick up their bill, as they are such great customers, and they want to pick up your bill as you help them so much with their jobs. 

Mad rush as usual around here trying to get ready for AIO at the same time as getting some jobs done. Attila and I will be attending AIO this year without Henry, I'm don't think Henry has ever missed an AIO. This year there was a date problem and he is in England at the moment, won't be back in time to get to the show. 


Wow, have we ever gotten busy over the last few weeks. That's why it's taken so long to publish part 2 of "Lesser Known Features". I noticed this back when I was a teenager working cash at my first job. It was a Wolworth's (if you remember them), if you don't think pre-Target with a lunch counter. I would be standing there twiddling my thumbs trying to look busy dusting the cigarettes when suddenly there would be 5 people waiting in line. That seems to be what has happened here. Henry came up with the idea for me to write this blog, to help keep us connected with our customers when I wasn't busy, then we had 5 jobs come in over 3 days. I've since also had 3 update requests and everybody wants their stuff before the end of August. I go on vacation Aug 21. 

This is part 2 of our exploration of some of the lesser known features of a Classic System. We have already looked at MIDI Level Select, Key Locks, and a few others, but there is simply too many to cover in a single blog post, so lets keep going.



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