Have you been there? You've been in conversation with a church for a while now, through 5 fund raising campaigns, 3 different boards, a change in organist, and an ongoing debate about whether they should do a full restoration of the organ, just repair what absolutely must be done, or scrap the whole thing and switch to keyboards and guitars, but they are finally ready to sign contracts and write some cheques.  Now you have some decisions to make. What is the most cost effective system for you to use in terms of hardware and labour costs? 


To start with I would like to welcome you to our new blog / newsletter / way to waste time and still justify it as work. The plan is every week or two I will post a new article about something to do with organ building in general and control systems specifically, this may be information about products Classic has, the virtues of choosing one thing over another, or advice about trouble shooting and tech support.


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