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What kind of connectors do I use for my MCU

On p.80 of the manual it tells you the size/spacing of the pins you you can determine the connector. 

Switches Pins, 0.025" Square, 0.3" long, 0.1" pitch. Fused at 250mA


This is the info you need for parts people. The reason there is not a specific connector named is because it all depends on what size of wire you are running to the connector. Different size/guage of wire = different connector. Each manufacturer has a different part number and an exclusive tool that works with that connector as well.


Main manufacturers for these connectors are:

  • Molex (Waldom) crimp-type connectors
  • Mas-Con (Panduit) IDC connectors


Find out what gauge of wire you are planning to run to the connector. Then you can take the wire gauge and the pin size/spacing to a parts store or help line to find 8-pin connectors.



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