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Missing Msvbvm50.dll file for Windows/Vista 64bit

The Microsoft Visual Basic Virtual Machine (MSVBVM50.DLL) file is used to run native 32-bit visual basic applications on 64-bit machines.

Some 64-bit users report problems with installing MCU Config, and CMK Config on their systems. 

The file should be included in your hardware installation disk from Classic Organ Works. The file is zipped and is called "msvbvm50.zip"


To download it directly click here. There is a tutorial and unzip package there (they want some $$ for the unzip package but you can use whichever one you own. There are lots of free ones out there)

You can also go directly to Microsoft "msvbvm50.dll" file click here.


If you downloaded msvbvm50.dll directly, with no "exe" install package, you should follow the steps below. The file needs to be added to your file registry. 


If the DLL does not register automatically, the following steps will register it.

  1. Copy the expanded DLL in C:\Windows\System32.
  2. Using the RUN option in the start menu, run



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