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What makes a "good" digital organ?

Air! Air? Yes Air. One of the major problems for digital is to create the visceral, gut-shaking movement of air that a 32 foot pipe can produce. Coupled with that is the fact that every individual pipe is a "sound generator". So if you have 4 ranks going, with a 5 note chord, you have 20 sources of sound. You cannot recreate that with the puny stereo output (2 sources) of most digital organ "packages" that are sold to churches. The good news is that as the sounds get higher, less air has to be moved. Therefore it is much easier for digital to produce the same sonic results as a pipe organ as the stops get smaller.

However, with some thoughtful design and some cutting edge technology it is now possible to produce sounds and an experience that can satisfy even a true organ connoisseur; even a 32ft stop!


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