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Do you offer any kind of velocity sensitive keying for retrofitting keyboards?

We do have optical scanners to retrofit keyboards for velocity sensitivity. However they are designed to interface with our Console Control Computer which is normally the control system for the whole console. If you are doing a whole control system then they are worth using and we can help you with quotes and such. Costs for a complete control system typically cost $5,000 or more including engineering costs. If you simply want to make the keyboards velocity sensitive they will not work for you.

If you are looking to retrofit old pipe organ keyboards for use in a digital organ controlled by a PC, we offer our new MVKM2 scanner board, which uses optical velocity-sensitive switching, scans 24 pistons as well, and connects to your computer via USB.

We do have matrix (MKSC4a) and parallel (MKSC1a) scanners, which are not velocity sensitive, but work for scanning keyboards and they start at $229.

Our CMK-3 Keyboards, both regular and pro versions, are Fatar velocity sensitive keyboards modified with MIDI output, tracker touch and 20 built in pistons. If replacement is an option, these start at $795.

You can get more information from our Products page at www.midiworks.ca.


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