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The lights on my keyboards are blinking whether I am playing or not

After you do all your channel and piston assignments, click on the Lightning bolt icon at the top of the screen. That will load the config into the keyboard memory. Note that to do this you need the MIDI in and outs plugged in to the stack and connected to the computer.


Once you have downloaded the config into the memory of the keyboards,if the lights are still blinking, unplug the MIDI out from the computer. Something in your computer is sending MIDI signals whether you are playing or not. 

It should quit freaking out if you unplug the MIDI out. Modules and Hauptwerk only need MIDI in.

If you unplug the computer's MIDI out and boot everything up again, you should be able to plug it in again with no problems. One of the windows drivers probably had a problem with the config process.


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