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Bargraph Displays (BRGF)


Display the position of an expression or crescendo pedal.



These 20-segment LED displays are used to indicate the position of an expression or crescendo shoe. These may be ordered in various configurations, with all green LEDs, or 13-green/4-yellow/3-red. They are available as singles (for horizontal or vertical mounting) or combined in a 2, 3, or 4 bargraph unit for horizontal mounting on the name board / coupler rail. They come with a brass bezel, and mount from the front in a 5/8" wide routed slot.

The bargraph LEDs are driven from an LED Driver Board (LEDDR), which attaches to the back of the display, and connects through a serial data cable to the CCC. Data from swell and crescendo shoes as well as expression controls are sent from the CCC to the driver board to control the BRGF display board 



  • 20-segment bargraph display.
  • Indicates the position of any swell shoe or crescendo pedal.
  • Available in various configurations with all green LEDs or green/yellow/red LED combination.
  • Includes brass bezel for aesthetics



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