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CCU/PCU Output Board: OUTN


This output boards is used in packaged systems to provide Negative-active outputs to drive stop action or chest magnets.



This board is available in two versions.

The OUTN-1D is used to drive active-low (negative) stop-action magnets or chest magnets, and have spark-suppression diodes.

The OUTN-1D/VAR is used to drive pipe chest magnets such as 40-ohm pull-down magnets on slider chests where fast repetition is desired. Varistors are used in place of diodes to provide high-voltage snubbing, to dissipate stored energy in the magnet almost instantly so the magnet will release quickly.

Outputs are capable of sinking up to 350mA (all outputs ON) or 1A (pulse load). They are used to drive stop-action magnets as low as 24 Ohms (12V), or chest magnets as low as 40 Ohms (12V). Outputs are fully protected against short-circuited loads and will shut down if overloaded.


Where Used

  • In the console:
  • In the console "grey-box" (CCU / LCCU)
  • In the chamber:
  • In the chamber "grey-box" (PCU / PCX / LPCU / LPCX).


  • Negative output to drive magnets wired to positive common.
  • Will drive 40-ohm or higher chest magnets.
  • Will drive 24-ohm SAMs designed for positive common.
  • Outputs are fully protected against short-circuited loads.

Technical Specifications

  • Power: 12V nominal (8-20V OK)
  • Size: 10.2" x 1.8"

Downloads (PDFs)

OUTN-1 Product Brochure: View | Download

OUTN-2 Product Brochure: View | Download

OUTN-2A Product Brochure: View | Download


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