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Console Control Unit (CCU)


The Console Control Unit (CCU) is contained in a metal box, which has a hinged "pin-board" front panel where most connections to console switches and stop magnets are made. Three versions are available - for three, four, or five-manual organs. 



All inputs are active-high (+12V) to operate. All outputs (for stop-action magnets and indicator lights) are active-low (0V). A Positive common is used on all switches and stop magnets.  Negative common stop magnet drivers are also available on request.

The box is 15" wide by 21" high and 6" deep (including connectors). The hinged face (14" x 21") is a heavy-duty printed circuit board with rows of pins onto which cables may be plugged. Holes are provided to tie down the cables at the hinged edge. There is also a "pin-board" on the left side for miscellaneous connections such as displays, expression shoes, MIDI In/Out, and the chamber cable. Heavy-duty binding posts are used for +12V input from the console power supply (or organ rectifier). The box is designed to fit in the back of the console to replace Coupler relays, mechanical Organ Relays and old diode-coupler relays.



Connections on the face panel (CCIO-1, 3, or 5) are (top-to-bottom):



  • Echo or Bombarde (61-note) - only on CCIO-5
  • Solo keyboard (61-note) - only on CCIO-3 or CCIO-5
  • Swell keyboard (61-note)
  • Great keyboard (61-note)
  • Choir keyboard (61-note)
  • Pedalboard (32-note) plus 32 spare inputs for stops or swell shoe contacts
  • Piston inputs (1-64)
  • Piston inputs (65-128)
  • Piston inputs (129-192) - only available on the larger version (CCIO-3 or 5)
  • Stop/coupler inputs (1-64)
  • Stop/coupler inputs (65-128)
  • Stop/coupler inputs (129-192) - only available on the larger version (CCIO-3 & 5)
  • Stop/coupler inputs (193-256) - only available on the larger version (CCIO-5)



  • CCIO-1 - 384 outputs for Stop-action magnets (On/Off for 128 stops, plus 128 spare outputs)
  • CCIO-3 - 480 outputs for Stop-action magnets (On/Off for 192 stops, plus 96 spare outputs)
  • CCIO-5 - 576 outputs for Stop-action magnets (On/Off for 288 stops or other functions)
  • Unused stop outputs may be used as spare outputs for other functions.
  • Spare outputs may be used for additional stops (using 32 spare inputs on Pedal row in CCIO-3 or 5).
  • Spare outputs may be used for indicator lamps, bargraphs, chest magnets, etc.



  • Contains a Console Control Computer (CCC) internally, so almost all CCC features listed for it are also available in the CCU version.
  • Intended primarily for consoles where conventional "parallel-wiring" is used for keys, stops, and pistons.
  • Connectors on the side panel allow Optical Keyswitch boards to be used in place of normal keyboard inputs.
  • Every output row is individually fused with a self-resetting fuse.


Technical Specifications

  • Size: 15" (wide), 21" (high), 6" (deep)
  • Power: 12-15V (organ rectifier)



The Packaged Systems can be customized to suit the requirements of any particular organ.

When we receive an OrganWorks file from you, we can use our CAE tools to quickly configure the CCC program for your unique job.


Downloads (PDFs)

CCU/CCIO-1 Picture: View Download

Packaged Systems Brochure: View | Download



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