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Control Panels and Console LED Display Boards (CTRL, DB)


An aesthetically-pleasing solution for locating all control and special-function pistons. 



An aesthetically-pleasing brass or anodized aluminum panel with an alpha-numeric or 7-seg. numeric display and lighted control pistons is used to alter various system settings. This optional panel is available as an alternative to placing the control pistons on the piston rails (keyslips). 

There are two ways to implement the Control Panel. The first is through the use of the CTRL board which has pushbuttons and displays mounted on the board. Alternatively, a numeric display board (DB or VFD) may be purchased separately from pushbuttons. The second option allows the use of pushbuttons to match controls currently on the organ console. 




  • Allows organists to locate all controls and special function pistons easily.
  • Customizable push-buttons are labeled using specially laser-printed transparencies for easy readibility.
  • Available with VFD alpha-numeric (4x20char) or LED 7-seg. numeric display
  • Available in 6 or 10 push-button configurations
  • Fine finished brass or anodized aluminum bezel is included which is custom to the desired numeric display and number of pushbuttons.
  • Connections to the display(s), lamps, and switches (via matrix wiring or parallel wiring) are available.
  • Connects to the Console Control Computer (CCC).
  • Requires +12V power.


DB and ND

  • Various 2 or 3-digit numeric displays are available, in single, double, or triple versions.
  • Custom fine finished brass or black anodized aluminum bezels may be purchased separately.
  • Connects to the Console Control Computer (CCC).


Control Panel overview: View Download

Control Panel with VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent) Alpha-numeric Display: View | Download

Control Panels with 7-Segment Numeric Displays: View | Download

Numeric and Bargraph LED Displays: View | Download

Lighted Pushbutton Switch Arrays for Control Panels: View | Download


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