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Graphic Display Module (GDM-1)


The GDM-1 Graphic Display Module is a compact discrete display that may be used to provide basic information to the organist.



The Graphic Display Module (GDM-1, two shown, without bezels) accepts standard Classic serial data from a USB or MIDI source and may use the USB +5V for power.

It is designed to be used on the new Maestro (LCS) systems, but a MIDI-In version is available for the Legacy systems.

The GDM-1 may be used to replace the present numerical and bargraph displays by a device with a smaller footprint that can display almost any kind of information in colour with no backlighting. Combination modules programmed to include both bargraphs and numeric displays are also available.

Intended for mounting on the 3/4-inch backboard of a console, it can accommodate a variety of panel thicknesses simply by changing spacer lengths.

The display is a push fit into the panel and is secured by a clamping bar behind the panel.

No bezel is currently available, so it is left to the console builder to create a wooden bezel or inset the display in the nameboard or on the stop jambs as he sees fit.

Supply voltage is +5V from the USB driving source, or from the console control computer (CCC). Current depends upon what is displayed.



  • Bright OLED display is visible even in bright ambient lighting.
  • USB Input for power and data using special cable (Maestro systems).
  • MIDI-In plus 5V power for Legacy systems.
  • Alternative to conventional numeric and bargraph displays.
  • Overall display dimensions: 52mm x 36mm x 5.2mm (w x h x d) (2.047" x 1.417" x 0.205").
  • Display area: 160x128 Pixels. 36mm x29mm (1.418" x 1.142").
  • Recommended bezel dimensions: 2.5" x 2.0" x 0.064: (w x h x d).
  • Cut-out dimensions: 2.2" x 1.65" (w x h), centrally disposed.
  • Panel Thickness, nominally 0.75.



To indicate normal console functions such as Memory Level, Expression Shoe positions, etc., in a small space.


Downloads (PDFs)

GDM-1 Product Brochure: View | Download


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