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Graphic Display Module (GDM-2)


The GDM-2 Graphic Display Module is a compact discrete display that may be used to provide basic information to the organist.



The Graphic Display Module (GDM-2, shown with black bezel) accepts standard Classic serial data from a USB or MIDI source and may use the USB +5V for power.

It is designed to be used on the new Maestro (LCS) systems, but a MIDI-In version is available for the Legacy systems.

The GDM-2 may be used to replace the present numerical and bargraph displays by a device with a smaller footprint that can display almost any kind of information in colour. It includes both bargraphs and numeric displays.

Intended for mounting on the 3/4-inch backboard of a console, it can accommodate a variety of panel thicknesses simply by changing spacer lengths.

The display is a push fit into the panel and is secured by a clamping bar behind the panel.

A black plastic bezel is included, but the console builder may create a wooden bezel or inset the display in the nameboard or on the stop jambs as he sees fit.

Supply voltage is +5V from the USB driving source, or from the console control computer (CCC). Current depends upon what is displayed.



  • Bright LCD display is visible even in bright ambient lighting.
  • USB Input for power and data using special cable (Maestro systems).
  • MIDI-In plus 5V power for Legacy systems.
  • Alternative to conventional numeric and bargraph displays.
  • Overall display dimensions: 55mm x 78mm x 17mm (h x w x d) (2.165" x 3.071" x 0.669").
  • Display area: 240x320 Pixels. 49mm x65mm (1.929" x 2.559").
  • Bezel dimensions: 68mm x 109mm x 2mm (h x w x d) (2.677" x 4.291" x 0.079).
  • Cut-out dimensions: 61.5mm x 102.5mm  (h x w) ( 2.421" x 4.035"), centrally disposed.
  • Panel Thickness, nominally 0.75.



To indicate normal console functions such as Memory Level, Expression Shoe positions, etc., in a small space.


Downloads (PDFs)

GDM-2 Product Brochure: View | Download


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