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Lamp Driver Boards (LAMPDR)


Drive lamps, reversible-piston indicators, bargraph displays and much more! 



The Lamp Driver board is used to light Lamps or LEDs anywhere on the console. It may be used to drive any kind of console indicators such as stop lamps, reversible-piston indicators, bargraph displays, etc. Space on the board is provided for current-limiting resistors on each output. Lamps or LEDs would be connected with a +12V common, which is fused on the board. 



  • Space on board is provided for current limiting resistors on each output.
  • On-board switch common which connects to Lamps or LEDs.
  • Drives stop lamps, reversible piston indicators, bargraph displays, Sforzando indicators, Crescendo shoe indicator, custom Expression shoe position indicators, etc.


Technical Specifications

  • Power: 8-15V using on-board regulator
  • Size: 2.6" x 12.25" (6.6 cm x 31.1 cm)
  • +12V fused switch common



LMPDR-2 Brochure: View Download


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