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Lighted PushButton (LPB)


Add stops, tabs, and couplers to consoles where space is limited.



The Classic Organ Works Lighted PushButton (LPB) board permits easy access to all stops, tabs, and couplers. It is often used to provide additional stops, tabs and couplers to an existing console. The LPB is especially well suited for consoles with limited space. The modular and compact nature allows entire divisions to be added to consoles saving room for other important organ features.



  • A new type of lighted pushbutton switch with larger, ¾"-square, re-legendable, Eao push-buttons, available in 4x4 or 2x8 (two rows of 8).
  • Standard arrays of 3x4 and 4x4 are available with brass bezels for use as "MIDI-stop" panels.
  • Compatible with matrixed piston wiring directly to the CCC, and include serially connected lamp drivers to minimize wiring.
  • Customizable legends are laser-printed on clear film (in any font) and are inserted in the switch cap.
  • 12-14V bi-pin type lamps are replaceable by removing the switch cap.
  • Pushbutton arrays may be used for all stops & couplers. They are commonly used for additional stops such as MIDI-stops or when divisions are added to consoles with limited space to add more drawknobs.



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