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Main Cable Switch Board (MCS-1)


The MCS-1 Main Cable Switch board allows up to four possible connection locations for any console with a Classic Control system inside. Routing is performed simply by plugging the console cable into the nearest one.



The MCS-1 is useful for any congregation, that wishes to be able to move their console to different locations in the sanctuary. This board allows for 2, 3, or 4 different connection locations, so the console can be mobile for different types of services and levels of interaction with the congregation or other musicians. The number of locations should be specified when ordering. 


A relay in the board then connects the console directly to the chamber. This avoids having unnecessary lengths of cable in parallel or having to connect any bypassing loops, etc.



One of the inputs to the board is 'Straight-Through' and this should be made the normal route for the console. No power is required for this routing.

For the other three inputs, the console switched +12V is used to operate relays that switch over all the cable connections to a different input. While these three inputs are electrically identical, they pass via different quantities of relay contacts so are given a priority to minimise the chances of failures. The board should be installed in the chamber or some convenient location where the access to the connector locations will give the least amount of cabling en route. There is only one output cable to the chamber.

For installations involving more than one main cable from the console, then the board will have to be duplicated. In such a case, the switched +12V supply in the console (normally provided by a wall adaptor inside the AC Control Unit) may need to be uprated to provide more current. The board requires 200 mA.

CONNECTIONS No power is necessary other than the console switched +12V that is contained in the main cable for use in switching a chamber blower or amplifiers. Connect the chamber to the OUT-A/B3 14-pin header on the right side. The most-used input should then beto the A-IN 14-pin header (on the left). There will be only one such 'A' connector on the board. Lesser-used inputs are then made to B3-IN, B2-IN and B1-IN in that order (B3 passes via only one set of relay contacts, B2 via two and B1 via three). Pins 13 & 14 are intended for connection to the main cable overall shield to provide a grounding connection through the board. You may ground this cable shield to local conduit or ground instead. SET-UP There is no set-up procedure. Simply plug the cables in. A LED indicates that +12V power is applied to an input.



MCS-1 Brochure: View Download


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