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Music Rack Control Panel (MRCP)


Fitted under the Console Music Rack, it adds displays and push-button controls to your console. 



Principally intended for organ console rebuilds, the Music Rack Control Panel (MRCP) saves on the considerable costs of modifying a console. The MRCP adds a bargraph display, seven-segment numerical displays, and push-buttons. The entire unit fits beneath a music rack in consoles and consists of a number of circuit boards encased in a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing steel frame. 



  • Consists of a single metal unit which mounts beneath a normal music rack base (some modification to the woodwork may be necessary).
  • Contains two pairs of dual-digit numerical displays, two groups of eight momentary-action push-buttons and up to five bargraph displays for Expression and Crescendo pedals.
  • The MRCP-1 version is intended for large organs and has five bargraph displays. All other displays are centered for better visibility.
  • The MRCP-2 version is intended for smaller organs and has only three bargraph displays.
  • The MRCP-3 version is intended for medium-sized organs and has four bargraph displays.
  • Push-buttons are usually used for special Classic functions such as SET, ALT, UP, DOWN, etc., but could also be used for extra MIDI stops or other custom functions.
  • Two pairs of seven-segment numerical displays normally show the Memory Level, Registration Sequencer stage, Transposer offset, and Crescendo stage.
  • Bargraph displays indicate the positions of up to five expression shoes and illuminate from left to right in sixteen sections to represent volume increases.
  • The bargraphs can have multi-coloured segments (to special order) on the right side to warn that the shoes are near the maximum. (The topmost red segments can be used to indicate Sforzando is on - to special order).
  • All displays are a restful green colour and a brightness control is provided which allows them all to be dimmed together.
  • A single multicore cable connects the unit to the electronics within the console.
  • Access within the unit, should it require servicing, is provided by removing five screws when the whole unit comes away as a working entity leaving its mounting cover behind.
  • The matte-black unit measures 33" wide x 1" high x 1¾" deep (it fits under a normal 2-inch music rack shelf) to allow fold-down brackets at either end for tab-style consoles. For drawknob consoles, the ends may be extended with wooden cheeks to accommodate retractable pin-type pivots.


Product Documentation

MRCP product brochure: View Online | Download


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