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Second Touch Board (STB-1)


Allows the Second-Touch capability present on a theatre organ, or more than 4 keyboards on a large organ, to be used. 



The Second Touch Board is a small accessory board which allows more keyboards, or those with second-touch, to be scanned by the Console Control Computer, than it normally handles. It is connected between the Console Control Computer and all keyboards to double the quantity of keyboard input ports. 



  • Doubles the normal quantity of keyboards that the CCC handles.
  • Up to ten keyboards can be connected (including pedals).
  • Requires only six wires to go to each keyboard (which must be multiplexed or parallel-wired via SIB-1K boards).
  • Requires 5V power from CCC.
  • Size: 2.4" x 5.5" (6.1 cm x 14 cm)


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