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Stop-Action (Dual Magnetic) Driver Board (SAMDB)


This board is used for each group of dual-magnetic drawknobs or stopkeys in the console.  Newest version is SAMDB-3.



The SAMDB is used to control current switching to stop action magnets in the console. It is a high-power negative-side (active-low, 0V) switching board with 96 outputs, which can switch currents of up to 0.5 amp. One of these boards can control 48 drawknobs in the console

This board (which may also used to drive low-resistance chest magnets), is used to connect the dual-magnetic stop action magnets (SAM) or drawknobs (DK) to the Console Control Computer. When a piston is pressed, data is output to this board, to momentarily energize the appropriate magnets of the stops which must be moved. (Stops which are already in the required position are not energized.) The board has 96 outputs, to allow up to 48 stops (or 96 chest magnets) to be controlled. 

The outputs are connected to one side of the individual magnet-ON and magnet-OFF coil-feed wires, either by plugs or by soldering to the pads provided. (The system also provides control of the power and duration of the outputs. Settings can be adjusted to allow for noisy loose tabs or drawknobs where minimal power is desirable, or tighter equipment requiring more effort.)

Boards with some components omitted are available for smaller organs. Multiple boards can be used for larger organs. Stop-action magnets are connected to a +12V return which is fused on the board. All outputs are short-circuit protected. 



  • Available in 48, 64, 80, 96 output versions.
  • Drives magnets as low as 20 Ohms resistance with pulses or pipe magnets as low as 40 Ohms continuously.
  • Outputs are Active-low, 0V (negative).
  • Fully protected against inadvertent reverse polarity power hook-up.
  • All outputs short circuit protected.
  • Thermal (high-temperature shutdown) protection of the switching integrated circuits.
  • LED diagnostic lamps on board.
  • Can also be used in the pipe chamber.


Technical Specifications

  • Power: 10-15V at approximately 400mA/stop.
  • Size: 4.2" x 15.7" (10.7 cm x 39.9 cm)
  • +12V fused switch common present on board
  • Outputs are short-circuit protected



SAMDB-3 Product Brochure: View | Download



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