Every organ must have a control system and Classic Organ Works can provide a control system for just about any organ, whether it be pipe, electronic, or a combination of both.

Our Legacy systems are based on microprocessor technology, and custom firmware, which is configured for each unique organ.

Our new Maestro systems are based on a commercial SBC (Single Board Computer) running our Organ Control Application, on a Linux operating system.

Both Legacy and Maestro systems are equally capable of controlling any organ.  Most peripheral components are the same for both systems.

The control system is made up of many components. What kind of components and how many of each you need depends on the organ.  Since every organ is different, so must be its control system.



The Classic Organ Works control system is quite possibly the most flexible system available.

  • It is used in organs ranging in size from a single manual to those with many manuals and two or more consoles.
  • The system is used in pipe organs, electronic organs and hybrids (organs with both pipe and electronic stops).
  • The system is effective in both classical and theatre organs, and can handle unique Theatre organ features such as 2nd touch, Traps, and Effects .
  • If MIDI is a high priority, then the flexible, comprehensive, integrated MIDI functionality of the Classic control system makes it the system of choice.



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