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High-Power Matrix Driver Mounting Board (PDMB)


Single-board driver solution for a matrixed direct-electric pipe chest with up to 64 notes and 8 ranks. High-current "note" drivers, (positive active output). and high-current "return-break" stop drivers (negative active output).  Serial control connection to the Classic Pipe Control Computer, which may be optically isolated.

The PDMB-2 is used with a plug-on PDB-6 Pipe Driver Board. The combination can drive most kinds of low-resistance pipe magnets on Direct-Electric matrixed chests where the stop controls require heavy currents. 



  • 64 High-powered positive-drive pipe magnet drivers, 10 Amps maximum, 4 Amps nominal
  • 8 High-powered negative-drive magnet drivers, 20 Amps Maximum
  • 16 spare outputs (positive active) to drive an offset chest or swellengine
  • Outputs overload and short-circuit protected
  • All outputs have 0.156" pitch header pins
  • Unit can be mounted on a chest for short wiring
  • Signal Input is serial RS-422 from Classic control system
  • Single-voltage power input, +12 to 15V nominal
  • LEDs on all outputs
  • No power needed other than for the PDB-6
  • Size: 16.7" x 13.6" x 1" (w x h x d) (42.4 cm x 34.5 cm x 2.5 cm)



PDMB + PDB-6 provides a cost effective solution for driving a "straight, direct-electric" chest with "return break" stop control.


Download Documentation:

Brochure: View Online | Download

Wiring Diagram: View Online | Download

PDB-6 specs: View Online | Download


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