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Organ Control Unit


This "all-in-one" unit combines the functions of the Console Control Unit and Pipe Control Unit for a small organ.



The Organ Control Unit (OCU) is contained in a metal box, which has a "pin-board" face where most connections are made to console switches, stop magnets, and chest magnets. All inputs are active-high (+12V) to operate. All outputs (for stop-action magnets, indicator lights, and chest magnets) are active-low (0V). A Positive common is used on all switches and magnets.

The box is 15" wide by 21" high and takes about 6" of depth (including connectors). The hinged face (14" x 21") is a heavy-duty printed circuit board with rows of pins onto which cables may be plugged. There is also a "pin-board" on the left side for miscellaneous connections such as displays, crescendo shoes, MIDI In/Out, etc. Heavy-duty binding posts are used for +12V input from the organ power supply (or organ rectifier). The box is designed to fit in the back of the console and replaces pipe organ relays, coupler relays, electronic organ relays, and organ diode-couplers. It provides pipe organ keying, unit organ relay, and organ multiplex functions for a small organ using a solid state switching system. 



Connections on the face panel (OCIO) are as follows: (top to bottom) 



  • Swell keyboard (61-note)
  • Great keyboard (61-note)
  • Pedalboard (32-note plus 32 spare inputs)
  • Piston inputs (1-64)
  • Piston inputs (65-128)
  • Stop/coupler inputs (48)



  • Stop-action magnets (96)
  • Chest magnets (384)



  • Contains a Console Control Computer (CCC) internally, so almost all CCC features are also available in the OCU version.
  • This unit is intended primarily for control of organs with 2 manuals with up to 48 stops/couplers and fewer than 384 chest magnets.
  • Connectors on the side panel allow Optical Keyswitch boards to be used, in which case the normal keyboard inputs are not used.


Technical Specifications

  • Size: 15" (wide), 21" (high), 6" (deep)
  • Power: 12-15V (organ rectifier)



A number of "pre-engineered" configurations are available, which are suitable for a large proportion of the organs in which this unit may be used. OCU models are available with switch-selectable piston configurations and standard stop and coupler configurations, which will be cost-effective for a particular organ, even if some of the available stop, coupler, and piston inputs are not connected.

A collection of OrganWorks files is available which will show the various standard model configurations. They have all stops, couplers, pistons, toe studs, displays, etc. already entered. These OrganWorks project files may be used as templates to create a unique file to describe the actual organ.

Downloads (PDFs)


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