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Pipe Magnet Driver Board (PDB-5A)


Drive pipe chest magnets using this positive-output Pipe Driver Board.



This Pipe (magnet) Driver Board receives serial data for a rank of pipes (or a division) from the Pipe Control Computer (PCC) and switches current to chest magnets, stop actions, swell engines, etc.

The PDB-5A is a (positive, active-high) supply-side switching board available with 48, 64, 80, or 96 outputs. Each output is capable of supplying current to chest magnets wired to a common 0V (Ground). The PDB-5A board has a number of safety features built-in. The power supply is fused to prevent damage caused by reverse polarity power connection. The outputs are fully protected and thus, the board cannot be damaged even by connection to completely shorted magnets, or high temperature. 

Should any problems occur, the board has three LED's (solid state lamps) which indicate whether power is present (yellow), proper operation of stops (green), and faults (red).

A single board handles up to 96 notes in one rank. It may also be used to drive several shorter ranks along with stops actions, swell shutters, etc. It may also be used to replace Unit organ relays which are common in older theatre organs. 

An optional RS-422 input is available which allows the PDB board to be mounted a long distance from the Pipe Control Computer for situations where a local PCC is not needed (i.e. to drive an Antiphonal trumpet).

An optional set of diagnostic plug-in LED indicator light boards are also available for the PDB-5A.   See PBD-X5 - Accessories, below.


  • Handles up to 96 notes in one rank. However, it is available in 48-, 64-, 80- and 96-note configurations.
  • Can drive pipe magnets of 60 Ohms or more.
  • Multiple boards may be used for larger organs.
  • Outputs are positive (active-high, +12V).
  • Three LED's to indicate power, fault, and that any rank on the board is active.
  • Optional RS-422 input allowing the board to be mounted a long distance from the PCC.
  • All outputs are short-circuit protected.


An optional Pipe Driver Board Tester board (PDB-X5) may be purchased to troubleshoot the Pipe Driver Board. The PDB-X5 has 24 LED's arranged in the shape of two keyboard octaves. It plugs directly into the Molex output connectors of the PDB-5A and is used to verify whether or not an output is working without putting a heavy load on the output (pipe chest magnet). The PDB-X5 is recommended as an installation and service aid. 



PDB-5A Brochure: View Download



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