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The CMK-3B is a MIDI-based controller board that works with the professional wooden keyboards made by Fatar. 



The CMK-3B is a plug-in replacement for the Classic CMK-2A but has the added capability of driving lamps in pistons. It also has USB control. USB can also power the board but only for non-lit piston applications as the lamps require more voltage than USB provides. A MIDI IN connector and two MIDI OUT connectors allow several keyboards to be controlled as a group when one of them is controlled by USB. Or they could all be controlled independently by USB, or by MIDI. The CMK-3B mounts beneath a Fatar wooden keyboard and plugs directly onto the CMK-3B-PR- K-M1 piston rail that has the round professional- style Klann LED-lit pistons. Several boards may be powered from one supply. All connections can be made from the rear for good access in multi-keyboard installations where the keyboards cannot easily be lifted.  


Features ƒ

  • Plug-in replacement for CMK-2A that can drive piston lamps. ƒ
  • Controls 61 velocity-action keys. ƒ
  • Up to 20 lit pistons ƒ
  • Lamp control via USB or MIDI IN ƒ
  • All pistons fully configurable in software ƒ
  • Communication via USB or MIDI ƒ
  • Two identical buffered MIDI OUT ports 
  • One MIDI IN port
  • MIDI IN data is merged with switch MIDI data to prevent conflicts 
  • Three configurable Analog inputs for Expression shoes, tuning, etc.
  • A normally-closed Sustain switch with a ¼" Mono jack over-rides one analog inputs. 
  • Power and Heartbeat LEDs on rear. 
  • All connections plug ‘straight-on’ to make it easy to insert at arm’s length under keyboards 
  •  External Power, Lighted pistons: +8V to +15V D.C. from console supply. Current depends on quantity of lamps lit and is nominally a maximum of 600 mA at 12V. 
  • External Power, Non-lit pistons: nominally 200 mA with +8V to +15V supply. 
  • External Power, via USB (non-lit only): +5V, 200 mA. 
  • Board dimensions (WxD): 8.45" x 8.575" (21.5cm x 21cm) 



The CMK-3B is for use on organ consoles to provide USB &/or MIDI control of a velocity- sensitive Fatar keyboard. Can operate up to 20 pistons with lamps.



CMK-3B Brochure: View | Download


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