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CMK3 Portable Wireless Remote Keyboard



The CMK Portable Remote Wireless Keyboard is a professional quality 61-note manual, with tracker touch, intended for use as a remote control keyboard, which may be connected to any pipe or electronic organ console which has MIDI-In, to allow an organist/choir director to play the organ from anywhere in the building! It is also useful as a tuning and/or voicing keyboard, which can be set up in the middle of the nave, where the organ can best be heard by the organ builder/voicer. The keyboard can also be connected to a PC via USB, for use as a music keyboard input device. 

The CMK Remote Keyboard has 24 pistons, to remotely activate any of the General and Divisional pistons, and Cancel, of the pipe or electronic organ console, that can be triggered by MIDI messages. The keyboard would be set up as a remote “Great” manual, so that the entire organ can be played by using the organ’s couplers and auto-pedal. A volume pedal may be connected to serve as a remote swellshoe. Registration would be set up on the main organ’s pistons.

Features ƒ

  • 61 tracker touch keys with velocity-action. ƒ
  • 24 professional pipe-organ style pistons.
  • Configurable Analog inputs for swell shoes.
  • All pistons fully configurable using CMKConfig software for PC or MAC.
  • Music rack included. (Adjustable rack as shown is optional.)
  • Communication via USB or MIDI (MIDIjetPro Wireless MIDI). ƒ
  • May be rechargeable-battery powered, for full wireless convenience.
  • External Power, AC-Adaptor +7.5V 


The CMK Remote Keyboard is intended for use by an organist/choir director, where directing a choir from the organ console is inconvenient, as where the organ console is in a pit, or in the gallery.

It is also intended for use by pipe organ builders, as a remote tuning and voicing station, which can be placed in the nave where the organ can best be heard, especially when doing onsite voicing and regulation of a newly installed of rebuilt pipe organ.


CMK Remote Keyboard Brochure: View | Download


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