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Optical Keyswitch Rail - Stand Alone


Update older keyboards suffering from poor switch contacts with the latest optical switching technology! 



These boards can be fitted to most wood-core keyboards. A simple shutter interrupts an infra-red beam in a small, solid-state, optical component. For the ultimate in reliability, the board contains no rubbing or contacting metal parts. Output is +12V with enough current capaclity to drive electo-mechanical or electronic relays.


OPKYPR-1 (A stand-alone 61-output rear mount switching system)

This set of three circuit boards converts key-press data into parallel +12V electrical signals using optical switches. The OPKYPR-1 is ideal for keyboards with centre-pivot keys. It eliminates unreliable mechanical switch contacts and can be interfaced to +12V common control systems or +12V common switching systems. It is a standalone product that can be connected to different systems.

The OPKYPR-1 has two circuit boards which handle 24 notes each, and one circuit board that handles 13 notes for a total of 61 notes.

A metal rail kit may be purchased separately to mount the circuit boards to the keyboard. The kit includes all the required hardware.  A set of black metal shutters is available if there are no suitable contact plates currently on the keys.

Power: 10-20V (5V Regulator on board) Size: 2 5/8" x 33"

OPKYPR-1 Brochure: View | Download


OPKYPRT (LED Test boards for OPKYPR-1)

This set of five circuit boards plug into the OPKYPR-1 boards and provide a visual indication of key action. They are optional, and not essential to the operation of the OPKYPR-1 boards, but are useful during setup, when adjusting the "shutters" on the keys.

The OPKYPRT has 12 or 13 LEDs.  One of the set of five is provided with an extra LED for top C.

Power: 10-20V (from OPKYPR-1 board) Size: 1.8" x 1.2"

OPKYPRT Brochure: View | Download


Other Products (for use with CLASSIC pipe organ control systems or MIDI)

Several other Optical Keyswitch boards are available depending on the type of keyboard and position of the pivot and springs as indicated in the following downloadable document.

Optical Switch Rail Selection Guide: View | Download


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