CMKConfig (For PC)


Classic CMKConfig software is used to configure the CMK for controlling PC-based virtual organ software such as Hauptwerk and Sound Canvas Pipe Organ Project (SCPOP), or MIDI sound modules including Ahlborn Archive modules, and the Viscount CM-100. 

The configuration data may be stored on a personal computer or in the CMK memory chip. Up to 128 configurations may be stored on the CMK memory chip and are selected using an on-board DIP switch. 


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  • Interfaces between the CMK and a computer using MIDI.
  • Allows development of custom configurations to change the setting of each piston. These pistons can support MIDI sound modules, Alborn Archive modules, or PC-based synthesizer software such as Hauptwerk or SCPOP.
  • Allows use of existing configurations which can be downloaded from the Classic Organ Works website.
  • Several preloaded configurations are included, for use with Hauptwerk V4.0
  • Assignable number for saving each configuration to a memory location on the CMK.


Current Version

The current version of CMKConfig software is 3.4, which has been updated to work with all versions of Windows from XP to 10. Version 3.0 or greater is required for the CMK-3. 


Download Now!

To download your free copy of CMK configuration software please click on the link below.

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View the CMK Config Manual



The CMKConfig software is included with the purchase of a CMK.  It is free to download.


Technical Support

The CMKConfig software has been designed to be extremely user-friendly. However, there may be instances where technical support is required. The first source of assistance would be the CMK User Manual which is included with the purchase of a CMK or downloadable (above). More online support is available on the site. 

If you are using a 64-bit Windows/Vista machine you may need to download a missing MSVBVM50.DLL file.


If more assistance is required please contact us.