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Job #: C499/C555
Location: United States - Eastern
Organ Type: Digital
Building Type: Residence

This home organ was a 2 stage process involving a Rodgers electronic organ re-build and expansion with Ahlborn-Galanti modules. Classic was originally ask to do the system for a 2 manual rocker tab console (C499), about a year later Mr Ahnemann obtained a 3 manual console with drawknobs at which time the system was expanded and modified for the new specifications (C555).


- 3 manual & pedalboard
- 79 drawknobs, 15 rocker tabs
- 51 pistons (including control pistons), 17 toe studs
- 4 different 20 stage Crescendos
- 99 step Registration Sequencer
- 99 independent combination memory levels
- SFZ configurable on each level memory level
- Programmable MIDI stops fully integrated into the combination action
- Expression control for both Swell & Choir (8 stages each) with multiple indicator lights


Mr. D. Ahnemann
Allendale, NJ


"The resulting sound is magnificent, and visiting organists who have played it compare the sound and available console features favorably with high-end organs from Rodgers and Allen costing far more than I have invested.

Since completion, the organ has been played almost daily with absolutely no problems. The instrument is a constant source of joy and certainly one which I never thought I would have as my residence organ."

Mr Ahnemann's complete comments are available in our 'Testimonials" section

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