Trinity Episcopal Church, Cranford, NJ


Job #: C938

Location: Cranford  NJ

Organ Type: Pipe / Electronic hybrid

Building Type: Church

Date: 2010

In 2010, as part of a larger church restoration, Peragallo Organ was engaged to refurbish the organ, providing a new movable console, winding assemblies, and switching. This is a 3 manual unified instrument with 17 ranks. The stops, pistons, and keys are all parallel wired (+12V common) to discrete circuit boards.

This instrument also includes controls for Transposition, Multi Level MIDI Memory, 250 Independent Memory Levels, 250 Registration Sequencer stages, and 20 fully programmable stages for the Crescendo. Sforzando is independently programmable on every memory level. There are also 8 programmable MIDI stops which may be coupling or non-coupling at organist's discretion.



Discrete console and chamber boards

+12V common parallel wiring

Control Panel with alpha-numeric display

MIDI panel with 2 MIDI stops per division

Chimes with 5 volume stages

Dedicated Next/Last pistons

Registration Sequencer may also function as European Piston Sequencer

Built in MIDI Sequencer for record & playback

Pipe work supplemented with CM-100 sound module

Temperature Sensor for electronic stops



Trinity Episcopal Church

119 Forest Avenue

Cranford NJ

USA  07016




Peragallo Organ Co

306 Buffalo

Paterson NJ

USA 07503

973-684-3414 (phone)

973-684-2237 (fax)





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