The Maestro system will occasionally require internet access, for example, when we need to do updates to the system. Updates happen during installation, I think in all my years working for Classic I may have had only 5 jobs that didn't require some change during installation. Unfortunately getting internet access in some churches, either wifi or Ethernet cable isn't always easy. Tony in his brilliance has found a solution for you. We can use a Raspberry Pi-3 and your smart phone.

We can provide a Raspberry for every installation, but it is probably as easy (and cheaper) for the builder to have a Raspberry which they take from job to job. We will setup the Raspberry with the necessary software, before we ship it. The Raspberry will access the internet through a hotspot that you set up on your phone. This will use some data,  a software update about 30MB, a configuration change is typically < 5MB.

There are two ways to make this work, either match your phone's mobile hot spot to what is pre-programmed in the Raspberry, or connect the Raspberry to a computer and change it's name and password to match your cell phone. When you are on site, it is probably easier to change your cell phone.


Changing your cell phone

  1. When we ship the Raspberry it will be pre-programmed to some user and password which should be easy to remember, for example. User = Classic Organ, Password = 9054751263 (our phone number). It doesn't need to be particularly secure, it is a temporary connection which we will be using. We will see if something starts going wrong.

  2. Go into Settings on your cell phone and change the User and Password to match the Raspberry. Every phone is different, but basically you will go to Settings, then to wherever Connections are configured, and turn it on.

                     Turn on Hotspot with Iphone

                     Turn on Hotspot with Samsung

  1. Plug in your Raspberry, a power cord had been provided.

  2. The Raspberry will go out looking for, in this example, a wifi called Classic Organ and use that password to access it.

  3. Using the Ethernet cable we provided, connect the Raspberry to any Ethernet device. Usually this will be a port on the side panel of the console grey box, but can be an Ethernet switch, router, or webrelay. There are multiple ports on the side panel of the grey box, refer to the block diagram we provide to know which one to use.

  4. We can now access your system from our offices in Markham.


A cellphone can typically continue to make voice calls, even when fully connecting its hotspot to the Pi-3.

Current price $120.00 USD


Extra procedures and notes:

The Pi-3 can also connect to internet wifi if present in the building. Simply edit the Pi-3 wlan, ssid, and password, to match what the wifi router wants.

  1. Using USB, connect the Pi-3 to a laptop.

  1. Open an internet browser (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox). 
  1. Go to

  2. Make the changes


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